Meet the Co-Founders of Wild Kabin Co: Anthony, Cassidy, and Sam. Based in Haliburton, ON, Canada, we're a family-run cottage and cabin construction business driven by our passion for nature and hospitality.

Our inspiration stems from our travels, where we've experienced the beauty of cabins worldwide, from the cliffs of Gimmelwald, Switzerland, to the luxurious chalets of Thailand. These experiences ignited our love for architecture and hospitality, motivating us to create unforgettable stays for our guests.

Our journey began with Cassidy and Sam, cousins who spent summers at their family cottage, a cherished retreat for over 50 years. Meanwhile, Anthony and Cassidy, married, shared dreams of building cottages—inspired by Cassidy's persistent father.

During the pandemic, fate intervened when a piece of land adjacent to our family cottage became available. With determination and financial acumen, we seized the opportunity, pooling resources and securing loans to purchase the land.

Anthony, mentored by Cassidy's father, took on the role of builder and general contractor, leaving behind his 15-year property maintenance career. Meanwhile, Cassidy oversaw project and property management, guiding interior design and construction while managing social media.

Behind the scenes, Sam provided invaluable strategic support, handling finances, zoning, acquisitions, and accounting.

Despite enduring a harsh Canadian winter, after 11 months of relentless effort, we proudly unveiled our inaugural creation: KABIN TAPOKE, the first of many Wild Kabin Co cottages.

Cassidy's dad, and Anthony